Deadline for winter 2024-2025 faculty-led study abroad proposals is July 1; new policies in place for leadership, unaffiliated travelers

The deadline for faculty-led study abroad proposals for the winter 2024-2025 travel window is July 1.

Travel for the winter window must occur between Dec. 13-22, 2024, or Jan. 2-14, 2025. The proposal and its associated documents—including a budget, itinerary, syllabus and contracts—should be submitted in one email to ĢƵ Office of Study Abroad Director Annika Campbell at acampbell@international.msstate.edu.

Other upcoming study abroad proposal deadlines include July 31 for Spring Break 2025, which is scheduled for March 10-14, and Sept. 3 for the summer 2025 window.

This summer, the Office of Study Abroad formalized rules and policies regarding faculty/staff leadership and participation, and unaffiliated travelers in study-abroad settings.

An ideal student-to-leader ratio of 15:1 can be used as a general benchmark in determining the minimum and maximum student enrollment goals. The ratio should not be less than 5:1 or greater than 20:1. While leadership teams and enrollment goals vary widely and are based on many aspects—including academic course content, location, logistical details, on-site partner(s) and financial considerations—it is important that minimum and maximum ratios are observed. Any ratios falling outside the maximum and minimum range will require approval from the OSA. Leaders should also consult with the OSA about minimum and maximum enrollment numbers throughout the proposal process.

For the full OSA policy on faculty/staff leadership and participation, click here.

When traveling with university students during official program dates, program leaders are responsible for academic and student support, and are expected to be available to students 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

University leadership and OSA discourage program leaders to be accompanied at any point by any unaffiliated traveler on an education abroad program. Nevertheless, under special circumstances, a program leader may request to do so with the understanding that the university takes no responsibility for unaffiliated travelers. For such an exception, the program leader must seek approval from the department head and dean. Approval is subject to a final review by the associate vice president for international programs and the OSA director.

For the full OSA policy on unaffiliated travelers, click here.

For more information or questions regarding study abroad policies, email Annika Campbell at acampbell@international.msstate.edu.

Tuesday, June 4, 2024 - 4:10 pm